Building The Tribe

Hi everyone, thanks so much for visiting Fire Work Fitness! 

At the moment we are building awareness and growing a tribe so our first 8 week challenge will be starting when we get the numbers up there. Don’t stress it might be another 2 weeks, probably straight after Easter to burn off those chocolate eggs. Please do tag your mates and send them the link to get the numbers up quickly so we can kick off! 

I am seriosuly excited about this movement, Fire Work Fitness is breaking the mould of the typical data chewing work out apps that cost a sneaky few $$$ a month. Once you have done one of our Fire Work Fitness challenges you are on the mailing list for life!! That means you will receive the workouts and be invited to come back and join in any future challenges. 


My inspiration has come from knowing what it is like to nor lead he typical life. If we don’t always have phone service to use apps and we can’t always get to the gym it sometimes feels like exercise isn’t ment for us! Fire Work Fitness is hear to say that you can work out in your work clothes, while your kids are sleeping, while you are cooking tea! You can set rules for yourself like do 20 squats while the kettle boils, wall sit while you are on the phone to your Mum, play with your kids in the garden and use it as a chance to smash out your scheduled workout! 


So make sure you sign up to the newsletter! That’s how you will receive your work outs every Sunday for the whole weeks plan! Stay tuned into the Facebook page to watch videos for correct ways to do the moves and comment or message with any questions you have. It’s a tribe and that’s the beauty of Fire Work Fitness! Message me and tell me if you need more support, if you feel the workouts aren’t suited to you, if you want to learn more modifications because you need them to be easier or harder. It’s all about making contact and using the motivation of the whole tribe to keep you going! 

 I will do a blog post every Wednesday which will also be emailed to you! 

Thanks guys! Stay tuned for the start date 💪🏽

I appreciate your patients!