Our rural fitness tribe started with small group workouts in a small Queensland town Comet in 2018. Fitness creates such a great energy and invites people in past their self doubt and anxiety. It can be scary to break past the comfort zone when your living rurally. It can feel isolating and remote but in 2018 we saw women breaking through their boundary’s with each session.

i have always lived and worked out on stations mostly in far north qld, so making up our own workouts as we went was part of the deal, although it’s a active lifestyle for me it was always the peace and quiet that came from going for a job or doing a workout that gave me balance and kept me interestedin health and fitness; and so I completed my PT course and started working with groups and one on one clients first in a PCYC gym and then with my own clients over the wet season. 

Now permantely based down in Central Queensland I am still very much a gypsy and love the idea of working with people in rural communities across Qld. 2019 will see a fitness tour moving through central & west Queensland working with clients for one on one programs aswell as large group workouts to liven the town up and kick start a wave effect across the state. 

Forecast: We expect to see a happier sexier vibe throughout our rural communities. Will result in swarms of happy confident women with skatered abs across the state and a heavy down poor of smiles.